Swabian people emphasize precision

Manufacturing at a high level of quality demands

VAF sets a high value on precision in order to fulfill the customers’ quality demands.

The manufacturing department is divided into several areas and is made up of 50 employees. The state-of-the-art machinery including 25 machining centers has been equipped with all the necessary technical components and tools. As we mainly use machines consisting of 5 axes we can achieve a high level of precision concerning our components. This result is being reflected in the quality of our special machines.

Internal and external courses in connection with high-quality tools enable the continuous development of new manufacturing processes. That’s why we are able to produce all the components on several machines at the same time, independent of the material and the difficulty of the parts. It is possible to produce very complex components at dimensions of 2mm up to 8000m.
Due to the connection of manufacturing, procurement, suppliers and service providers we are able to efficiently supply products from one source.