For 30 years we have worldwide taken part in the development of mobility, which is considered as an important social and industrial milestone.

1983 • Foundation of the company by Georg Stirner and Richard Mayer in Bopfingen
1985 • First bulk orders from customers of the automobile industry
1995 • Georg Stirner is replaced by Herman Stark as the Managing Partner of the
  company. Sales rise to 1.5 Mio DM
1996 bis 1999 • Step-by-step establishment of highly modern machinery
 2000 • Opening of the new assembly hall. Purchase of a milling machine consisting
  of 5 axes for the processing of big components
  (positioning distance 8000 x 2500 x 1200mm)
 2001 • Employment of the first trainees as a technical draftsman
 2005 • Opening of the administration and development centre
 2006 • Introduction of UNIGRAPHICS/Siemens NX
• For the first time sales go beyond 10 Mio. Euros
 2008 • 25th anniversary in April
• Introduction of a new ERP System (ABAS)
 2010 • Enlargement of the assembly hall and the production capacities
 2012 • Building of a 2-storey assembly and manufacturing hall
 2013 • 30th anniversary of the company. Enlargement of the administration and
  development centre. Retirement of the Co-founder and head of constructions,
  Richard Mayer
 2014 • opening oft he first branch office in Salzgitter
• building of the fourth manufacturing and assembly hall
  (comprising 4500 m² on 2 levels, amount invested: 10 million Euros)
• sales exceed 60 million Euros, 250 employees
 2015 • Hermann Stark celebrates his 30th anniversary at VAF
• opening of a canteen giving place to 150 employees
• a new training workshop is being established by giving a
  “visitor’s day at our training workshop”
• demolition of the former building of “Triumph”, set up of additional parking
  lots for employees

Altes Motiv aus dem Archiv der Stadt Bopfingen